Winter Craft Ideas

If winter weather has you stuck indoors, it can be helpful to have a plan on how to entertain the family while at home. A craft can be a great way to pass the time and create something for the home. Consider starting with a beginner level craft from D.I.Y @ DG™. Purchase the tools you need in advance or find a crafts include tools you may already have by visiting D.I.Y. @ DG™ at
Glitter Unicorn Art
Add some sparkle to your life with this magical unicorn wall art! Use our free pattern download or customize with your own art!
What You’ll Need:  
Part 1:
Step 1: Download Unicorn Template and apply spray adhesive to the back of the pink glitter paper.
Step 2: Mount the downloaded unicorn silhouette.
Step 3: Using the craft knife, carefully cut out the unicorn silhouette.
Step 4: Trim the glitter paper to the size of the mounted unicorn. 8.5x11”
Part 2:
Step 1: Apply spray adhesive to the back of the cut-out unicorn.
Step 2: Line up and mount the pink glitter unicorn over the downloaded pattern strips.
Step 3:
Add a simple white frame to make your unicorn art pop!
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