Update the First Aid Kit Before the Next Adventure

Warmer temperatures and outdoor activities are quickly filling up the calendar, which means it’s wise to be prepared for potential accidents and injuries.

Before heading out on the next adventure, make sure to restock the home and vehicle first-aid kits with medical supplies and safety necessities. Dollar General carries a variety of national retail brands like Rexall and DG Health items at conveniently low prices that will help families have a safe and enjoyable summer.

When updating a first-aid kit, customers can select from prepackaged kits or build their own.

Starting from scratch? No problem. Select a bag or container, ideally, one that has multiple storage compartments, and purchase a box of zipper freezer bags for waterproof packaging. Pick basic necessities such as antiseptic, gauze pads, bandage tape, adhesive bandages, instant ice compress and tweezers. Customers can customize each kit based on family activities with items such as ankle supports, finger splints and motion sickness relief to provide care in every moment.

Tailoring a home or vehicle kit with safety essentials is important when it comes to preparing for the unexpected. Make sure to have extra batteries, towels, phone chargers, prepackaged food and bottled water, anything needed in the event of storms, vehicle issues or power outage.    

Instead of being distracted from memorable moments, update the first-aid and safety necessities and have a wonderful summer season!