Tips to Throw a Halloween Party!

Halloween is the time of year known for pumpkin carving, festive costumes, trick-or-treating and sweets galore! For customers planning a ghoulish gathering, Dollar General has a few tips to help host a party that’s a monster hit without creating a scary budget!

A bag of Stretchy Spider Webs is an affordable way to decorate large spaces and create anything from a spooky lair to a festive spider maze for children. Consider adding oversized spiders or glitter pumpkin lights to help finish the theme and set the mood. As a styling tip, Dollar General’s plastic mirror clings with images of ghosts and goblins can add a scary twist to any theme.
Plates & Napkins
Make sure to stock up on Halloween-themed party supplies! Matching paper plates and napkins are an easy way to continue a decorative theme. Serving dishes and glasses such as spider web baskets and skull glasses are also spooky details that will elevate any spread.

Frightfully fabulous events typically have a variety of sweet and savory snacks. Ooey Gooey Popcorn Balls are a crowd favorite, especially when entertaining children. Halloween treat cups are a great addition when it comes to creating single serving desserts and snack cups. While shopping for party supplies and food, make sure to stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters!
Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to plan a creative costume. For hosts who prefer simple and sleek, wearing black and accessorizing with a fascinator or fun prop is the way to go. Adventurous costumers are only limited by their imagination as they can select from a wide range of wigs, make-up costumes and accessories to construct the ultimate attire.  

No matter the theme or ghoulish get-up, this Halloween customers can find all the party supplies and recipe items they need to have a successful party. Visit a local Dollar General store or shop online at