Three Simple Ideas to Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22! From flexing your green thumb to attending a community event, there are a number of ways to show gratitude.

Search online or look in the newspaper for local opportunities to volunteer in your community. Earth Day volunteer opportunities may include planting trees, pulling weeds or doing a neighborhood cleanup. If you can’t attend, consider showing some Earth Day love for your neighborhood or street on your own!

Visit a Park:
Whether it’s a national or community park, take a moment to appreciate the fresh air and greenery. One of the best ways to celebrate the planet is to go outside and enjoy it. While many local organizations and parks and recreation administrations will host activities for Earth Day at the park, Earth Day can also be a fun opportunity to go for a stroll and admire nature.

Start a Spring Garden:
Dig into Earth Day by starting a garden. Raised beds, planters or in the ground – a garden can be a variety of shapes and sizes. Find an assortment of planters for your outdoor space at your local Dollar General to begin planning your garden. Affordable and stylish planters like this TrueLiving® Flower Planter can be placed on a balcony, patio or deck. Those with green thumbs may consider a raised bed that can yield more produce.

Explore seeds and bulbs for flowers and produce at Dollar General, as well as decorative additions for a garden space. Dollar General offers a range of lawn care items to best care for your garden including hoses, hand trowels and cultivators, bird feed and more to help keep your garden in tip-top shape. To better care for your garden, consider an eight pattern hose nozzle or a sprinkler to make watering your garden easier and convenient.

While Earth Day may be one day of the year, a garden can last for months to come and bring appreciation for the planet every day!