Stay Happy and Healthy This Winter with Dollar General

Resist hibernating this winter by being proactive in keeping happy and healthy.

Winter can bring viruses and bacteria. Sniffles, coughs and sneezes can spread winter colds in work and school environments. Watch for warning signs that come with cold weather and stay on top of winter wellness this year.

Drinking lots of water is usually second nature, but in winter months, it’s easy not to drink as much water. Keeping hydrated is very important because it helps the body carry nutrients to cells that get rid of toxins that can make you sick. This small, but very important action can keep colds from hitting your home.

Keeping things clean is necessary when trying to prevent germs from spreading in the home or office.  Wash hands soap and warm water. Count up to 30 seconds with children as a way to wash germs and help them learn numbers. Also consider replacing a toothbrush after a cold to eliminate the risk of reinfection.

Stay healthy by staying active this winter! Bundle up in warm clothing, go for a walk and enjoy the winter landscape.  Get a workout by shoveling snow or building a giant snowman with friends and family. For days with inclement weather, try doing leg lifts and crunches while watching television. Mall walking is also very popular during cold months. Exercise is crucial to overall health so keep the workout routine in check regardless of the outside temperature. Plus, Dollar General carries affordable and fashionable active wear to help make exercising that much easier.

Stock up on essential over-the-counter vitamins and minerals to improve winter wellness with Rexall® or DG Health® products. Gather cough lozenges and tissues to keep around the house and office for those particularly cold days.  Moisturizers and lip balms can also help protect skin from dry temperatures and heaters this winter.