Spring into Clean with Dollar General

Spring has sprung! A deep clean may be necessary for your home if the cold winter months left your home with additional clutter. Stopping by your local Dollar General can help to get your home in tip-top shape by stocking up on spring cleaning supplies like trash bags and this dustpan and brush set. If you’re looking for more ways to save on spring cleaning, consider these tips: 

Find additional ways to use household cleaning supplies:  Baking soda and vinegar are two items that can be used in multiple ways around the home to clean. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste. Use the baking soda paste to clean the inside of your stove or shine your silverware. If cleaning your stove, let the paste sit for 30 minutes then wipe away with water. For tough spots, spray vinegar and let soak for a few additional minutes before wiping away. If you have stained plastic food containers, you can coat the containers in vinegar, let sit and then clean as usual for like-new food storage! 

Repurpose to organize:  Use unconventional items like jars to organize around the house. Instead of throwing out jars you may have found in the refrigerator that were expired or almost empty, clean them out and reuse them around the house. Store cotton balls in the bathroom, pens in the office or use as drinking glasses in the kitchen! 

Host a yard sale:  Gather items that may have outgrown your family and sell them. This can help remove unused items and provide some extra cash.

Save with private brands:  If you’re restocking on cleaning supplies, consider purchasing private brands. Be sure to look for the Dollar General private brands that carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Find affordable cleaning products like DG Home® All-Purpose Cleaner, which works to help remove dirt, grime and stains, to give you a cleaner home this spring. 

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Try out our checklist below that may help spring cleaning feel less overwhelming this year.