Planning the Perfect Spring Picnic

Spring has sprung! This time of year can provide the perfect weather for enjoying a picnic. From planning the main dish to packing all the right cutlery, enjoying a picnic may require preparation ahead of time.

For the main dish, recipes like the Best Every Juicy Burgers or Barbecue Chicken Packets from Dollar General Easy Meals can be staples that require few ingredients and little prep work. Five Minute Coleslaw and Macaroni Salad are the perfect quick and tasty sides to complement the main dish. Consider preparing desserts that can easily be packed like this Double Peach Pound Cake. Slice ahead and it makes for an excellent warm-weather treat.

Frequent grillers may consider getting large bags of charcoal to last the entire spring and summer season, as well as grill brushes, trays and a variety of grilling tools.  

Pack everything you need for the day’s outing in a portable cooler with freeze packs to ensure food and drinks stays cool. Keep easily-spoiled foods on ice for as long as possible to prevent spoilage. Storing prepared foods in disposable containers may help organize and transport the items.

To make clean up easier, consider packing your own trash bags along with disposable plates, cutlery, cups and paper napkins. Plus, you can consider purchasing them bright, spring colors to complement the blooming outdoor scenery.

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