Marion Distribution Center Milestone

The Dollar General Marion distribution center in Marion, Indiana will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this July. From providing jobs to over 650 employees to dramatically increasing the number of stores it serves since opening in July 2006, the Marion distribution center has successfully lived by Dollar General’s motto of Serving Others.

“It’s a great accomplishment for Dollar General and the local community,” said Victor Wilson, Marion distribution center director. “What Dollar General and the community have been able to accomplish together in the facility has been awesome.”

To celebrate the anniversary, the DC will host a week-long celebration that coincides with their Employee Appreciation Week including distribution center-wide cookouts, table tennis tournaments, corn hole tournaments and anniversary tee shirts for all employees.

“Our 10 year anniversary is a milestone in creating a legacy,” said Keith Shrode, Marion distribution center operations manager. “It is an acknowledgement to those who have been with us since day one at the [distribution center] and a commitment to the future to those who just started that we are around to make a difference for years to come.”

“Being able to walk into a store and know that the [distribution center] had a large part in getting the product to the store is very satisfying,” said Shrode, who has been with Dollar General since 2006. “Also, watching the development of employees that take steps to advance their careers with Dollar General makes it an exciting place to work.”

Dollar General thanks the employees at the Marion distribution center for their years of service to the company and to our customers.