Keeping Your First-Aid Kit Updated

As the temperatures rise, the number of outdoor activities on your calendar may as well. Summertime can be full of days spent exploring the great outdoors. Whether building from scratch or purchasing a prepackaged first-aid kit, it can helpful to update your kit in order to stay prepared for potential mishaps.

Before your next adventure, resupply and update your home and vehicle first-aid kits with all the necessary items. Dollar General carries a variety of national brands like Rexall® and DG Health™ at convenient, everyday low prices that can help families stay safe.

To start from scratch, consider selecting a bag or container that may ideally have multiple storage compartments. Zipper freezer bags can be a great addition for waterproof packaging. Items to consider including in the first-aid kit include:
  Customers may also choose to customize the kit based on frequent activities with items such as athletic tape, finger splints and motion sickness relief medicine to provide care in various moments. It can also be important to tailor a kit for your car and home in the event of a storm, vehicle issue or power outage. Safety essentials to consider may be extra batteries, towels, phone chargers, non-perishable food items and bottled water.  Also, remember to frequently replace and refill any items that are running low or may expire, such as food and batteries. 

Staying prepared for life’s unexpected moments may help you enjoy all of the memorable moments this summer without worry. Have a wonderful and safe adventure!