Homeward Bound: Dollar General Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Dollar General employees took the company’s mission of Serving Others to heart by partnering with Habitat for Humanity in Appomattox, Virginia last month. In an effort to help Dollar General customer Kelly Coles, whose home was destroyed after a series of tornados and storms hit the town, Dollar General employees spent a day contributing to the construction of their new house.
“It has been a great experience for the team,” said Dollar General Region Director Michael Ho. “This was the first time that everyone had volunteered with Habitat and they really appreciated what could happen when people worked together to achieve a singular goal.  Knowing that they helped a single mother with a disabled child build a home for themselves was priceless.”
Dollar General employees helped construct the roof and placed the siding on the back of the house, as well as helped build the front porch. Dollar General district manager Michelle Romanac was among the employees who helped volunteer.
“[Serving] with this organization as well as other groups in my community warms my heart [because] you see the impact in other’s lives,” Romanac said. “It’s a pure joy when you witness them paying it forward to others.”
“The communities really appreciate us being there [and] many times, we are the only place where our customers can get what they need to support their family in the local community,” said Ho. “We also have the responsibility to be good partners and also show that we appreciate our customers as well.  They are part of our [Dollar General] Family!”
Ho and his team were given the opportunity to spend time with Kelly and her son, Andy, on the construction site. According to Ho, Kelly and Andy were both grateful for the help given by Dollar General employees, who also partnered with local businesses to provide meals to those working throughout the day.