Five Baby Bag Essentials

Be prepared for the unexpected moments in life with a well-stocked baby bag. While this may depend on your child’s age and individual needs, consider stocking your baby bag with the following:

  1. Diapers
    While this may be a given, don’t get caught without a few extras in your bag. Shop affordable, quality diapers for less at Dollar General with DG Baby. Plus, DG Baby diapers come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  2. Snacks
    For older babies and toddlers, consider bringing along a jar of baby food, snacks or other soft, easy-to-carry foods. Don’t forget utensils and a bib.
  3. Blanket
    Whether you need a blanket to cover baby or use as a changing pad, blankets are a great option to include in a baby bag. Consider a blanket that is light and easy to store.
  4. Extra Clothes
    Find adorable and inexpensive clothes to keep on hand in your bag at Dollar General. These can be essential with spit-ups, spills and more.
  5. Wipes
    Consider adding a pack of baby wipes, like these DG Baby Wipes, because they can be essential in a variety of messes. These too carry a satisfaction guarantee!

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