Father's Day Gift Guide

Celebrate Father’s Day on June 17! Make the day special with gift ideas for the men of influence in your life.  

Great Deals for Dad’s Wheels:
Help keep Dad’s wheels shiny and clean with a bucket, bottle of car wash soap, wash mitt and cleaning wipes. This can be the perfect gift for dads who love their cars! Plus, bonus points if you add in a freshly washed car for Father’s Day. 

Keeping Dad Fresh:
Gift Dad a refresh on the essentials! Pamper him with a package full of men’s personal care items such as body wash, shampoo and shaving accessories. Consider adding his favorite razor replacement cartridges to keep his cabinet stocked for the coming months.

Cool Gadgets for Dad:
Activity trackers, phone accessories and DVDs are a safe bet for any Dad. Don’t forget to suggest an extra pair of earbuds because those can be easily misplaced!

Full-time Dad, Part-time Outdoor Warrior:
Adding to Dad’s outdoor gear for his next fishing trip or afternoon manning the grill can be a great gift suggestion. Consider adding a basket of his favorite snacks to help keep him fueled throughout his outdoor adventures. Trail mix can be a wonderful crowd pleaser!

Notes for Dad:
Dollar General offers greeting cards for as little as $0.50 each! Customers can write a thoughtful message or get crafty and create a sentimental card using a variety craft supplies. Gift cards can be a great addition to a thoughtful note.

Breakfast for Dad:
Get Father’s Day started in the right track with a hearty meal. Save on breakfast essentials like pancake mix, cereal or coffee. Consider a recipe from DG Easy Meals to surprise dad with a sweet treat in the morning like these Heavenly Heart-Shaped Pancakes.

Whatever his style or interests, it’s easy to show Dad he is loved this Father’s Day. Save on gifts and gift packaging essentials like gift wrap, bags, tissue paper and more by heading to your local Dollar General or shopping online.