Essential Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

As the temperature begins to drop and the potential for snow and sleet increases, consider getting your car prepped for hazards you may encounter on the road. One way to get ready is by gathering a box of winter supplies to keep in your car. Dollar General is sharing a list of items to consider including in a winter weather car prep kit should inclement weather strike.

A change of warm clothes:
Consider keeping a few warm articles of clothing in case you encounter a winter emergency and find your current clothes ill-prepared for the situation. Also consider storing a blanket, gloves, socks and an extra jacket in your car at all times. Stop by Dollar General or shop for winter apparel online to stock up on these essentials.

Food and water:
Think about adding a small case of Clover Valley Bottled Water and non-perishable food items like Heartland Harvest nuts or Clover Valley granola bars.

First aid kit:
A first aid kit is an essential item to keep in your car all year long. The Rexall First Aid Kit includes 70 essential items in one, easy-to-store case like bandages, antiseptic towelettes, sterile pads and antibiotic ointment.

Flashlight and batteries:
A flashlight and a spare pack of batteries can be essential in the event you find yourself stranded at night. While your phone may have a flashlight available, you may want to avoid using it to conserve your battery.

Cat litter:
Cat litter may help if your car gets stuck in snow as it can help to create traction for your tires. A bag of EverPet Clay Cat Litter at Dollar General can easily be stored in your trunk.
Also, make sure to frequently replace and refill any items that are running low or may expire, such as food and batteries.