Enjoy a Brew-tiful Day with National Coffee Day

Whether you start the day sipping a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, rely on it to supercharge a hectic afternoon or enjoy a cup of decaf after supper, National Coffee Day is certainly one to savor. Today and every day, Dollar General offers coffee lovers convenient ways to maximize each cup of Joe. Here are a few tips to make the most out of each bold and flavorful brew:  
  1. Select the right cup. Travel mugs, colorful coffee cups and disposable cups all have a purpose when it comes to delivering the perfect sip. Make sure to have plenty of colorful coffee cup options to liven a morning reading the newspaper and spill-proof travel mugs to avoid spills while running out the door to a child’s athletic event.     
  2. Always have the essentials! Shopping online offers customers all the necessities needed to pour the perfect cup. Use DG AutoDeliver function on Dollar General’s website to schedule reoccurring shipments on a wide range of items including coffee to help save time and money!  Look for the DG AutoDeliver icon on participating items.
  3. Experiment with recipes. Perfecting the right coffee to sugar and cream ratio is important. After mastering the basics, consider trying a few recipes that incorporate coffee into other culinary experiences such as a meat rub, chocolate cake recipes or ice cream floats.  Dollar General Easy Meals’ Nescafé® Clásico™ Clasico Float is a tasty treat. 
For additional recipes and supplies to celebrate National Coffee Day, stop by Dollar General or check out Dollar General Easy Meals at DG.com/easymeals.