Dollar General Supports Our Troops

The Dollar General team in southwest Florida recently awarded $35,000 to Support Our Troops to provide aid to local veterans. In keeping with the company’s mission of Serving Others, Dollar General employees in the region raised the money through local donations in just six weeks. 

“There are so many vets that live in southwest Florida that are in need and our employees wanted to make an impact,” Ron Brock, Dollar General region 37 regional director said. “[Serving others] means everything. I have been very blessed to be in a position where I can do good and help others that need it.”

The donation will help Support Our Troops impact over 3,000 veterans that are living in vet hospitals or are in-need in the area. The donation will help Support Our Troops provide care goods and services, including family assistance and public support, to veterans living in southwest Florida and at hundreds of locations across the world.

According to Brock, staff members with Support Our Troops were both amazed and thankful for the efforts provided by Dollar General employees. The Dollar General team was excited to participate in the donation campaign and were strongly motivated knowing the cause was to support our nation’s veterans. 

“Our mantra in region 37 (southwest Florida) is everyone plays, everyone counts. In our region, you can and do make a difference,” Brock said.