Dollar General Supports Hurricane Florence Recovery Efforts

Dollar General is deeply committed to its mission of Serving Others and supporting the communities we call home. In line with that commitment, Dollar General is working to support recovery efforts following the impact of Hurricane Florence in a number of ways.

American Red Cross Donation

In advance of Florence's arrival, Dollar General donated truckloads of water to the American Red Cross to support first responders.  The Company also donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross, and Dollar General stores in more than 15,000 locations across the 44 states it serves are collecting in-store donations to benefit American Red Cross Hurricane Florence Relief through September 28, 2018. For nearly two decades, Dollar General has partnered with the American Red Cross through corporate and in-store collections to better support the organization’s recovery efforts and serve communities in their time of need.

Employee Assistance Foundation

Dollar General employees have also been reminded of Dollar General’s Employee Assistance Foundation, which can provide financial assistance in the wake of a natural disaster.  The Company is monitoring the needs of its employees and the Employee Assistance Foundation stands ready to support employees as needed.

Beyond Words and Kids in Need Foundation
Dollar General is also partnering with the Beyond Words grants and the American Library Association to monitor impact to schools and libraries that may have been impacted.  As the National Sponsor of the Kids in Need Foundation’s Second Responder® program, Dollar General is also working to identify response efforts once waters recede.
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