Dollar General Launches DG Shave Crew

As customers look to value and convenience, Dollar General is excited to launch a new subscription program on razors and cartridges through the DG Shave Crew. DG Body™ five-blade razor cartridges include a vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip to reduce skin irritation and a trimmer blade for hard-to-shave areas. Consider joining the DG Shave Crew to have the ability to:

  1. Choose your cartridge count. Only order what you need and customize your subscription.
  2. Set your schedule. Get refills exactly when you want by setting your schedule.
  3. Receive free shipping. After your initial subscription, get free shipping on replacement cartridges, every time. Change or cancel any time.
  4. Satisfaction guarantee. Under the DG Body™ label, the products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if customers aren’t fully happy, they can return it for a full refund.

Learn more about the DG Shave Crew and how you can subscribe, save and shave at