Dollar General Back-to-School Savings

Summer is almost over, and many families are gearing up for the start of the new school year. From shopping for school supplies to lunch meal prep, getting ready for the first day can be stressful. Dollar General can help relieve some of the stress with a few money-saving tips.

The best place to start saving on school supplies is with the supply list provided by the teacher. Dwindle down spending by going through supplies from last year and determining what is reusable. If your state offers a tax-free incentive weekend, consider shopping then for additional back-to-school savings.  

School supplies aren’t the only thing that can be reused from last year. Clothes can be, too! Since buying new clothes can be expensive, Dollar General suggests taking inventory of last year’s clothes students can continue wearing. Consider replacing gently-used clothes by shopping out-of-season to take full advantage of clearance sales.

To save time, consider setting aside one day each week to prepare meals in advance. This way, families don’t have to spend each evening cooking from scratch, leaving more time for family fun. Check out Dollar General Easy Meals online for quick and easy lunchtime recipes.

For additional savings on all school-related items, download Dollar General Digital Coupons. To enroll or upload coupons, customers login to their electronic DG Digital Coupon account either through Dollar General’s website, through the DG mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones or by texting “JOIN” to 34898.*
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