DG Employee Talents: Award Winning Barbequer

It’s not every day you’re named the winner of the American Royal World Series of Barbeque competition. For Dollar General Fulton, Missouri distribution center employee Mark Hyman, he has earned the title twice.
Hyman, who has been with Dollar General for 16 years, began his talent in barbecue cooking on a Weber grill and started to enter competitions after family and friends repeatedly complemented his cooking skills. Since entering his first competition in the early 1990s he has won approximately 110 contests, including the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri.
“I enjoy watching … people’s reaction when they try it,” Mark said. “It’s almost like a science project. I just like to pay it forward.”
A favorite among his critics is Mark’s bratwursts, which he describes as one of the easiest and best among his many different recipes (see recipe below).

“I was on top of the world [to have accomplished] something only maybe 25 people have ever done,” Mark said when asked how he felt after winning the American Royal in 2007.
In its 37th year of operation, the American Royal World Series of Barbeque is the world’s largest barbeque competition that attracts over 600 teams and 50,000 attendees. The event is held in October.

Mark's Famous Bratwurst Recipe
12 pack of bratwursts
1 sliced yellow onion
1 tablespoon course black ground pepper
1 tablespoon granulated garlic powder
1 tablespoon Lawry’s seasoning salt
2 12-oz. cans of beer
Combine bratwurst with all dry ingredients into an aluminum pan. Add beer. Cook bratwursts on medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes on each side. After bratwursts get some coloring, add them into the pan with other ingredients and cover top in aluminum foil. Put the pan with bratwurst back on the grill at low-medium heat and cover with grill lid. Cook for an hour. Take off the grill, rest for five minutes and serve.