Celebrate National Pet Day with Dollar General

Celebrate National Pet Day and your pet on April 11 with unconditional love and quality time! Whether they have four legs or two or none at all, there can be a number of ways to celebrate your pet today.

Dogs may love to go for a walk or visit the park while cats may prefer to spend time playing fetch indoors and chasing light reflections. Birds and reptiles may enjoy new toys or treats as well as spending time outside of their enclosure. From chew toys to lasers, consider getting your pet active with a wide variety of toys from Dollar General. Quality time with a pet can be one of the best ways to de-stress and it’s free!

Trips to the groomer can get expensive, but consider pampering your pet at home with the help of Dollar General.  Select grooming products and flea and tick medications are sure to make pets ready for spring. You can even consider purchasing additional grooming supplies to support a local animal shelter.

You don’t have to be a pet parent to celebrate National Pet Day. Consider volunteering at a local adoption center, or even adopting. Adding a new animal to the family means celebrating your pet everyday throughout the year.  While the initial costs associated with a new pet can add up, remember Dollar General offers a number of affordable products including food, treats, medicine and toys. Plus, we’ve made it easy to bring home a new friend with a New Pet Checklist here.

It’s even more affordable with Dollar General’s weekly savings and Dollar General Digital Coupons Program. Dollar General private brands also offer quality items with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Don’t forget to take a few pictures along the way to remember the day!