Add A Touch of Patriotic Flair to Backyard Barbecues

Add a subtle touch of patriotic flair to backyard barbecues this summer by shopping the Made in America section at Dollar General stores. For under $25, it’s easy to incorporate American-made products into every barbecue and fun-filled, delicious events with these practical tips:

- Plan ahead. Jiffy Foil® offers a variety of disposable pans that are ideal for marinating large cuts of meat, catching drippings under the rotisserie and storing burgers fresh off the grill. Needing recipe inspiration? Check DG Easy Meals for the perfect meal.

- Use simple decorations to create an understated table setting. Color coordinated plasticware such as Merrick®’s three for $1 sets of blue plastic plates, bowls and tumblers provide ample decoration. Pick flowers from the garden to continue the color theme and create simple centerpieces. 

- Buy a few extra storage containers. Rubbermaid®’s 40-count set of storage containers make food preparation and cleanup easy. There is no need to worry about an unorganized refrigerator when there are so many options.

- Don’t forget the drinks! Add blueberries and strawberries to the ice tray to give a pitcher of lemonade that extra detail. Fresh mint is also a fragrant garnish that pairs well. Check out Rubbermaid®’s selection of pitchers, ice trays, storage and more.

No matter the occasion, it’s easy to add incorporate affordable products into every event.