A Gift That Keeps Giving

When Dollar General’s Fulton, Missouri distribution center made a donation to a local organization, they weren’t expecting the organization to turn around and give back to the business. That’s exactly what the Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Agency (CMFCAA) did when they received a Dollar General donation of schools supplies and a $1,000 check from Dollar General Community Initiatives.
Upon receiving the Dollar General donation, CMFCAA, a nonprofit agency that educates, supports and advocates for foster and adoptive children, youth and families in central Missouri, spent $1,600 of organization funds to purchase additional supplies to help local school children.
“CMFCAA is truly a model of Serving Others in their everyday mission,” said Janet Kleasner, Dollar General Fulton distribution center inventory control manager. “They radiate excitement for serving children and families and their appreciation and gratitude [for] their partners are amazing.”
Kleasner and her distribution center inventory team were responsible for coordinating the store purchase and gathering school supplies for the donation.
“Our customers, employees, shareholders & communities are in many aspects one of the same,” Kleasner said. “[This means] helping others to make a difference in their life in a positive way.”
This is the third year Dollar General’s Fulton distribution center has partnered with CMFCAA to provide school supplies.