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Looking to save money this holiday season? One national company is helping give average customers an anything-but-average holiday season.
Discount retailer…Dollar General… unveiled its first Affordable Holiday Guide today, showing folks how to affordably celebrate on a budget.
Highlights include low prices on electronics, DIY gifts and brand name toys… plus this year’s popular items from Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’re even offering an instant 25% discount on qualifying toy purchases of $75.
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To check out the guide for yourself, visit Dollar General dot com slash affordable.
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The holidays are just around the corner and the National Retail Federation recently released their 2014 holiday predictions… For retailers, there’s good news, but it comes with a catch…. [Kristin Priesol] reports…
Sara Pirtle is getting a head start on holiday shopping at her local Dollar General.  She knows to start early, shop the specials and stretch her budget.
Sara Pirtle SOT: “Financially, the holidays can be a pretty stressful for me, but I can come here and find what I need and not break my budget.”
            Super :09-:12: Sara Pirtle, Early Holiday Shopper
And she isn’t alone.
Americans are expected to spend 4.1 percent more this holiday season.
But the National Retail Federation is also predicting customers will continue to be more price sensitive this year… Looking for value, savings and deals.
One retailer is listening to its customers by offering an alternative to those expensive and high-priced gifts promoted by other stores. Dollar General unveiled its Affordable Holiday Guide this week.
The country’s leading discount retailer is showing customers how to save on electronics, DIY gifts, popular toys. Even decorations…
Crystal Ghassemi SOT: “Celebrating the holidays really goes beyond just gift giving. At Dollar General, we have everything from recipes, entertaining needs and decorating tips to help celebrate affordably this year. We’re really here to relieve some of the financial stress the holidays can bring.”
            Super: :53-:56: Crystal Ghassemi, Dollar General spokeswoman
So what does this mean for customers?
(Nat sound of customer shopping): “Let’s see… Loving baby”
It means giving shoppers the best deals on all their holiday essentials. All season long.
Zoe Gilliland SOT: “We’re planning to spend about the same. We might spend a little more, but it has to be a really good deal.”
            Super: 1:19-1:22: Zoe Gilliland, Shopper
And making the holidays a bit brighter and less financially stressful for customers like Sara Pirtle.
This is Kristin Priesol reporting.