Unique Ideas for Camping at Home

Jul 09, 2020

For those wishing for adventure this summer, consider creating an adventure at home with a fun and unique camping experience. Whether you’ve been camping before or this is the family’s first foray, camping at home can be easy and create family memories. 

If camping in the living room, creating a tent can be easy. Clear out a space and grab extra blankets or sheets to make a fort. Spread pillows and couch cushions in a circle outside of the fort and set up a “faux campfire” with flashlights.   Also consider camping outdoors by putting up a tent and enjoying the great outdoors this summer.

While camping at home, find activities at your local Dollar General like playing cards and puzzle games or simply use scratch paper to play charades. Play a story time game that can get everyone involved by having one person start a tale, taking turns creating parts of the story and then see where the story goes.

From s’mores supplies to grilling favorites, Dollar General carries a variety of the ingredients needed for campsite classics. Try a classic spin on s’mores like S’mores Ice Cream Bars or S’mores Dip from DG™ easy meals for a sweet treat.

For dinner, use your imagination to create your own recipes using your favorite pantry staples from Dollar General. Mix black and red beans with frozen veggies like corn and bell peppers, add your favorite chili seasonings then lightly top with tortilla chips for a unique take on chili.

Camping is about getting creative and having fun – even if it’s at home!

S’mores Ice Cream Bars