Three Tips for a Healthier Wallet, You and Home This Season

Dec 05, 2019

With the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching, it is important to remember a few tips to help keep you, your wallet and your home healthy.  Whether you plan on focusing on a healthy wallet through thoughtful spending, a healthy home by avoiding the season’s germs or a healthier you with winter wellness activities, your local Dollar General can help you with all your holiday needs!

Healthier Home

Wellness can start at home! The holidays can be a busy time around the home with friends and family visiting frequently. To prepare, consider establishing a cleaning game plan to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Get your home into pristine shape with Dollar General by stocking up on supplies like grip spongesdrawstring trash bagsDG™ home odor eliminatorcleaning vinegardisinfectant wipes and much more! Create a holiday season routine by dedicating one day a week or a few minutes each day to tidying around the home or sprucing up. Small changes each day can make a lasting difference all season long!

As you start thinking of holiday meals to serve at home, head to Dollar General Easy Meals or for healthier, delicious recipes and tips for homecooked meals. Each of Dollar General’s 16,000 stores offer components of a healthy diet including milk, eggs, bread, cheese, proteins, frozen and canned vegetables, canned fruits, grains and more. 

To provide healthier and affordable options, Dollar General also carries its Better For You merchandise offerings and fresh fruits and vegetables, which are on track to be in approximately 4,500 stores and 650 stores, respectively, by the end of the fiscal year.

Healthier You

Internal wellness can be just as important as wellness at home. The cooler temperatures may bring about many viruses and bacteria, so be sure to watch for the warning signs and consider taking preventable measures to stay well. Remember to  drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, even when busy, to help the body flush out toxins and help prevent illness.

Consider stocking up on over-the-counter vitamins and minerals to improve winter wellness with brands like DG Health®, Rexall®, One A Day®, Centrum® and many more by visiting your local Dollar General or online. Dollar General offers a wide assortment of products to help supplement a range of health and wellness needs in the winter and throughout the year.

Healthier Wallet

To help you save money this holiday season as you consider gifts for all your friends, family and loved ones have, consider focusing on your budget. A budget may help to keep financial stress at bay by allowing you to stay organized and goal-oriented before you head to the store.

To help you stay on budget, consider downloading the Dollar General app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. The Dollar General app includes budget-friendly features including the Shopping List functionality to create your shopping list and calculate your estimated total before even going to the store. 

Now at approximately 12,000 stores, the Cart Calculator function of the app allows you to scan products and keep a running total of your basket to further help keep you on budget.  Additionally, the app provides an enhanced weekly ad experience and Coupon Surfacing, which will alert you to available digital coupons after you scan items. Additionally, Dollar General is  offering a toy discount of 25 percent off any $75+ qualifying purchase beginning October 1 through December 24. Shop items with everyday low prices in store and online at Dollar General.

For additional savings, consider signing up for DG AutoDeliver on the items are frequently replenished for five percent off on future orders. Whether shopping online or in store, check out Dollar General private brands and be sure to look for the private brands that carry a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

From your home to your wallet, you can head into the holidays feeling confident with these tips and ideas from Dollar General. Find a Dollar General near you by visiting the Store Locator on our website or