Recognition Professionals International (RPI) Recognizes Dollar General

Oct 19, 2021

Company Recognized with Best Practice Standards® Awards

Recognition Professionals International (RPI) recently recognized Dollar General for achieving five Best Practice Standards for recognizing and engaging employees, including Recognition Strategy, Management Responsibility, Communication Plan, Recognition Events and Celebrations and Program Change and Flexibility.
“It’s important we continue to recognize our colleagues at every interaction and at all levels because we’re here for what matters for our team,” said Yavia Gipson, retail regional director at Dollar General. “DG employees are the lifeblood of our company, and we collectively work to serve our customers and communities each day. We understand recognition is an impactful way to recognize our teams for how they live our mission of Serving Others while interacting with customers, filling trucks or delivering goods. Day in and day out, the wonderful DG recognition program shows how our work makes a difference, and I’m so excited RPI recognized our team’s efforts.”
“We wish to thank RPI for their recognition of our programs that proudly highlight our employees’ efforts,” said Kathy Reardon, executive vice president and chief people officer. “Whether recognizing important personal achievements, showing appreciation for what our teams make happen every day, or creating an environment in which all employees feel a part of the team, our program finds creative and inspiring ways to show appreciation, recognition and inclusion for our DG Family. We value the effort and intention that is put into recognizing our employees in a meaningful way.”
RPI honors organizations for implementing its Best Practice Standards, which are based on knowledge gained from academic literature, professional conferences and shared experiences in developing successful recognition programs. The standards are designed to be useful for creating and evaluating recognition programs in the public and private sectors, large and small organizations and organizations with single or multiple locations or functions. Dollar General was one of eight organizations honored by RPI for 2021.