Reach Your Resolutions on a Budget at Dollar General

Dec 20, 2021

Dollar General’s Better For You Recipes Save Customers Time and Money on New Year’s Resolutions

As many of us set health-focused resolutions in the new year, check out these healthy eating tips that don’t feel like a total uprooting of your everyday diet and will support your financial resolutions as well!

Want in on a little secret? DG can help you succeed at TWO major resolutions this new year...saving money while eating healthfully!

Let our Better For You products and recipes serve as your guide for not only making better food choices but also helping your wallet in the process. Reduce the added sugar, saturated fat, and sodium in your diet by selecting BFY products in-store and online. Deciding to cook at home rather than picking up take-out can make all the difference for your health, and Dollar General has a wide selection of Better For You recipes to help achieve this.

Check out these seven dietitian-approved tips for finding better products to help you feel better - all at a better price! 
  1. Choose Whole Grains. Start your day with these easy Rise & Shine Breakfast Wraps that build upon a whole grain wrap packed with fiber to help you feel full and satisfied. Prefer a granola bar instead? Try making your own with these whole grain No-Bake Cereal Bars.
  2. Opt for Fruits. Sweeten your dishes naturally by adding frozen fruit in place of added sugar, like in this Mixed Berry Smoothie or South-of-the-Border French Toast.
  3. Look for Lean Proteins. Cut back on the saturated fat by choosing lean proteins like fish (these Salmon Patties are a win, and you’ll melt over this Mediterranean Tilapia!), chicken breast (hello, Southwestern Chicken Foil Packets), or beans (Veggie & Bean Chili, anyone?). Or, combine different protein options like in this scrumptious and filling Tuna Salad Nicoise.
  4. Eat your Veggies. Challenge yourself to add as many vegetables to your day as possible. Simple dishes like this Pasta Toss or Veggie-packed German Potato Salad easily allow you to do just that. And, this Marinated Veggie Chow Chow makes for a tangy addition to your next salad or protein.
  5. Go Plant-forward. Working more plants into your diet is always a good thing! Try adding beans to your day with this Chipotle Bean Hummus or Baked Bean Fritters. Not quite ready to totally depart from meat at your next meal? Instead try subbing in mushrooms for part of the meat in a recipe, like in these Lightened-Up Sloppy Joes. And experiment with fruits and vegetables you may not normally reach for on the shelves - we enjoy Cinnamon-Kissed Brussels Sprouts and this unique recipe for Avocado Toast. Nuts and seeds are an easy protein add-on to just about any dish, including this Roasted Broccoli Almondine. And, plant-based fats (such as olive oil and vegetable oil) are a healthful alternative to animal-based butters and creams. We definitely recommend making your own salad dressing, such as this Herb Salad Dressing!
  6. Select Low/Non-Fat Dairy. An easy way to remove extra saturated fat from your diet is to adjust your dairy consumption - choose low-fat or non-fat milk and cheeses, and soon you won’t even miss them, like in these Vanilla Custard Cups or Mocha Latte.
  7. Limit Added Sugar. Have a major sweet tooth? You’re not alone! You can still enjoy your sweets without all of the extra added sugar. This Shaved Strawberry Mango Ice provides great flavor (but is not a sugar bomb!). And these Secret Ingredient Brownies use dark chocolate to cut back on added sugar while creating an ultra rich treat sure to satisfy you chocolate lovers out there.
Most importantly, kick off your 2022 with this Hoppin’ John Stew - sure to bring good luck and prosperity (not to mention protein and fiber!) your way this year!