Pantry Refresh for Less with Dollar General

Sep 06, 2019

Pantries spaces and food cabinets can often get overlooked when cleaning. As these spaces are typically hidden away behind doors, it can be easy to find outdated or unused food and goods. Clutter in the pantry can cause unneeded items to take the space of needed items. Give your pantry a fall refresh with a few simple steps from Dollar General:

Check the best-by date
Reduce clutter in the pantry by sorting through all the products and tossing out an outdated or unused items (especially the ones you don’t think you will get any use out of in the future). Be sure to keep and clean any reusable jars for future use as they can be easily repurposed for storage. Commonly-used items like flour, oil and spices also have best-by dates, so be sure to check the unsuspecting items!

Organize by category
Put together items that are in similar product categories like grains, canned goods, sugars, flours, beans/legumes so they may be easily found in your cabinet or pantry space. If possible, reuse old plastic containers or find new ones at your local Dollar General. Transferring bulk items into sealed containers can help to preserve freshness and keep track when items are running low. This TrueLiving™ Round Food Container pack can easily be used to nuts or grains.

Aesthetic Investments
An additional method of creating an organized pantry or food cabinet is by refreshing the aesthetics. Through simple and affordable methods like lining shelves with vinyl top liners, you may easily create a clean and ordered space. Vinyl liners allow you to wipe messes easily and are resistant against stains. Plus, they are non-adhesive, which allows you to protect the surface through the use of a non-slip grip bottom.

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