Ideas for Promoting Wellness Year Round

Dec 18, 2019

If you are feeling under the weather with the chillier temperatures, it can be important to stay on top of a proactive wellness plan that can help to keep illness at bay. Discover tips for staying happy and healthy that can be carried on throughout the year even as the seasons change.

Start with Sleep

Keeping your body well rested through a good night’s sleep can be crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Daylights Savings can alter your sleep schedule and you may want to hit the snooze button a few more times in the morning. However, keeping a consistent sleep schedule can be just as important as making sure you get all your needed ZZZs.

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Supplement with Vitamins

Vitamins can play a role in a good night’s rest and other health goals. Talk to your doctor whether supplementing with vitamins would be beneficial to your daily routine. Find over-the-counter vitamins and minerals to improve winter wellness with brands like DG Health®, Rexall®, One A Day®, Centrum® and many more by visiting your local Dollar General or online. Dollar General offers a wide assortment of vitamins and minerals to meet a range of health and wellness needs in the winter and year-round.

Stay Hydrated

Prevent dehydration by staying hydrated. Carrying a reusable water bottle can help to reduce single use plastic waste and provide an affordable, easy option to refill on the go. Find inexpensive, yet quality options at Dollar General like this Rubbermaid® blue 24 oz. water bottle available for $5. As the cooler months can often make it easy to neglect hydration, consider adding fruits or herbs like lemon or mint to make drinking water more enjoyable. For a warmer options, consider herbal teas that are low in sugar and may provide additional benefits, like soothing chamomile

Move it

While rest and relaxation are also essential to health, it is important to implement movement into your schedule and routine as well. Whether it is heading to the gym or doing yardwork, staying active can be a key component to promoting wellness year round. In addition to being valuable for physical wellness, activity and exercise produce endorphins that may help to boost mental wellness as well! If you plan to head to the gym or workout at home, stay on budget while sticking to your wellness goals with affordable exercise and fitness tools with Pro Strength®. From resistance bands to therapeutic rollers, there are tools for all levels of fitness at price points your wallet will love!

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