Here for What Matters: Partnering with Save the Children

Dec 13, 2023

How the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and Save the Children are helping children reach their full academic potential

Amid nationwide school closures in spring 2020, during which approximately 55 million school-age children were home during the day, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation (DGLF) sought new ways to support their continued education. Children throughout the country needed access to proper nutrition to keep their bellies full and minds growing, so the DGLF partnered with Save the Children – providing $2 million to support rural nutrition and learning programs.

 And that was just the beginning. Since 2020, the partnership continues to flourish.

Dollar General recently honored Save the Children with the Because Kindness Matters Award, a designation created in partnership with Reader’s Digest to honor non-profit organizations making an impact on its hometown communities. The DGLF also awarded Save the Children a $1.7 million grant to continue its work helping children across the country open new doors to educational opportunities by providing digital book access, training and technical assistance to support the Rural Library Network and providing access to nutritious foods.


In total thus far, the DGLF has invested over $5 million in its partnership with Save the Children.

Learn more about students’ reading accomplishments stemming from support from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and Save the Children: