Good & Smart™: Make the Switch for Better Snack Options

Aug 21, 2020

For two years, the Good & Smart™ brand has provided customers with healthier snacking and beverage choices. With approximately 55 items the Good & Smart™ brand carries a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so shoppers can trust they are getting great quality products when they make healthier choices. The complete Good & Smart™ line can be found in approximately 6,000 Dollar General locations, and each of Dollar General’s more than 16,500 locations carries a curated selection of the line for customers looking to make the switch for better snacking.

Good & Smart™ Dried Cherries - $1.50
Customers craving the sweet taste of fruit without the time to wash and pack it to go can try Good & Smart™ Dried Cherries! Whether packing for a lunch box or taking it to the park or the beach this summer, Good & Smart™ Dried Cherries are delicious and very easy to eat! Try the dried cherry pieces over frozen yogurt for a special topping.

Good & Smart™ Sparkling Water, Eight-count cans - $2.75
Good & Smart™ offers an eight-count package of 12 oz cans for only $2.75 providing zero-calorie cans of tasty sparkling water.  With four natural flavor options including lime, strawberry, grapefruit and orange, plus zero added sugar, the Good & Smart™ Sparkling Water is an excellent choice for helping consume more water throughout the day.

Good & Smart™ Pistachio Nuts- Salt & White Pepper - $2.50
For the salty fans out there, consider trying Good & Smart™ Pistachio Nuts with Salt & White Pepper. The pistachios are already shelled to give customers an instant crunch, and nuts are a great snacking option between meals. Good & Smart™ Salt & White Pepper shelled pistachio were even recently rated an editor’s pick by Store Brands magazine.

Good & Smart™ 100% Organic Apple Juice - $2.75
For those who love apple juice, consider making the switch to Good & Smart™ 100% USDA Organic Apple Juice. It provides a source of Vitamin C, and it has the added benefit of being completely free of GMOs. Families will love the taste of drinking organic apple juice without additives.

Good & Smart™ Fruit & Veggie Snacks - $2.00
For a sweet snack that packs a daily serving of vitamin C, try Good & Smart™ Fruit & Veggie Snacks! These delicious treats are packaged in 10 individual pouches, making them easy to store in lunch boxes or to keep in the car for on-the-go snacks. The Fruit & Veggie Snacks do not contain artificial flavors or synthetic colors, which makes it a great snacking choice.

Good & Smart™ Coconut Water with Pineapple - $1.00
Hello, hydration! Good & Smart™ Coconut Water with Pineapple is a great way to reach recommended water intakes for the day coupled with the sweet taste of pineapple. One 16-ounce can of coconut water is only $1, and it’s excellent for keeping customers hydrated.

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