Dollar General Welcomes Gentle Steps

Dec 13, 2019

For families looking for affordable, comprehensive and quality baby products, Dollar General is excited to announce its newest private brand– Gentle Steps!

Designed to help parents at every stage of the baby and toddler journey with reliable and cost-effective options, Gentle Steps is comprised of approximately 70 well-designed items, all with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

Dollar General understands the adventures and challenges that parents with babies and toddlers encounter.  By providing items to assist with everyday feedings, diaper changes, potty training and more, Gentle Steps includes products that help little ones as they grow from infant to toddler.

With multiple category offerings, products are sold individually or in multipacks offering additional value and savings with products starting at just $1! Additionally, Gentle Steps brings thoughtful and modern design aesthetic at incredible value with hypoallergenic and alcohol-free wipes, breathable and absorbent diapers and refastenable and comfortable training pants.

Browse the current product offerings here and look for the new line at more than 16,000 Dollar General stores now!