Dollar General Observes Mental Health Awareness Month

May 31, 2022

Dollar General recognizes the importance of employees being physically and mentally attuned to how they feel and aims to provide appropriate support and care needed for employees to feel their best. This includes investing in employees’ well-being by providing benefits and resources that support employee mental health.

Dollar General provides the following benefits and resources to support mental health: 

Counseling Sessions
Each year, Dollar General is proud to offer six free telephonic counseling sessions per topic with licensed therapists to all employees and their families. In addition, virtual counseling therapy via video and/or text messaging is available to help employees and their family members with stress, anxiety, grief, marital/family relationship concerns, parenting, and more.

Awareness & Training
Dollar General offers awareness and training opportunities throughout the year to all employees wishing to better understand how to recognize mental health challenges in themselves and others, as well as practical tips and resources to address these concerns. It is important for employees to understand there is no stigma or shame in asking for or receiving support.

As part of Mental Health Awareness month this May, Dollar General highlighted practical mental health tips and resources, such as practicing self-care, continued learning, gratitude and more.
Mental Health Care Team
Additionally, members of the Dollar General Health Plan have access to mental and behavioral health benefits for treatment of conditions and a dedicated care team to help members find the right clinician and programs to get the care they need.  Additional information and access to this program is available on the Company’s wellness and engagement platform for employees.
As our employees remain at the heart of the Company and bring our mission of Serving Others to life each day, Dollar General is proud to make meaningful investments toward the health and well-being of our DG family. Additionally, Dollar General was ranked #5 in 2021 on Heathiest Employers of Tennessee List which recognizes the best and brightest in workplace wellness.