Dollar General Employee Assistance Foundation Celebrates 15 Years of Serving Employees

Aug 28, 2020

Fifteen years ago in 2005, the Dollar General Employee Assistance Foundation was created with a simple goal—to support members of the Dollar General family with financial assistance in their times of need.  Since the Foundation awarded its first funds in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, more than 6,200 employees have found comfort when the unexpected happens through the award of more than $10 million.

This August, the Dollar General Employee Assistance Foundation is commemorating its 15th anniversary and surpassing $10 million in awarded funds with the following video from employees who share their stories and gratitude in working for a company firmly rooted in its mission of Serving Others.

“While we hope our fellow employees never experience difficult times and need support from the Employee Assistance Foundation, we are glad we can offer much-needed assistance in those instances,” said Denine Torr, Dollar General’s senior director of community initiatives. “For 15 years, the Employee Assistance Foundation has extended hope and help to members of our Dollar General family.”

The Foundation provides assistance to employees for funeral expenses of an immediate family member, loss of home due to a natural disaster or fire, extraordinary expenses related to an unexpected life-threatening or terminal illness or rental housing deemed uninhabitable or condemned.

Although ongoing funding is provided primarily by fellow employees, the Company makes additional contributions from time to time including a recent $5 million donation to celebrate the Foundation’s 15th anniversary, a $1 million donation following Hurricane Harvey and a $250,000 donation in April 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic.