Dollar General and the Arbor Day Foundation Partner in Bowling Green, KY

Nov 21, 2022

Tree and Mulch Donations Aim to Support Replanting Efforts after December 2021 Tornadoes

To support tree restoration in Bowling Green, Kentucky following devastating December 2021 tornadoes, Dollar General recently partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and Bowling Green’s Operation PRIDE to give away trees and mulch to local residents.  

“This project aims to help our Bowling Green community and neighbors as they continue to rebuild and replant following the December 2021 tornadoes,” said Denine Torr, Dollar General’s vice president of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. “These efforts further Dollar General’s commitment to being a good neighbor and responsible steward of natural resources. We’re proud to partner with the Arbor Day Foundation and Operation PRIDE to extend our mission of Serving Others and distribute trees for community members to help create green spaces for generations to come.”

Dollar General announced its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation in 2021 and has since provided financial donations to support reforestation and community tree planting events. The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in 1972 and has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than one million members, supporters, and valued partners. Their vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, poverty and hunger.  

Operation PRIDE’s mission is to enhance Bowling Green and Warren County’s character and beauty through community partnerships and private investment.