Customer’s Meaningful Journey Provides Travel Tips

Jun 03, 2022

In 2021, customer Scott Bowers took an extremely meaningful journey along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.  As executive director and president of a faith-based inner-city ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bowers aimed to bring attention to youth addiction and the organization’s efforts to touch the lives of children in the Tri-State area of Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Indiana.
Following his 4,427-mile trek across the United States on bicycle last summer, Bowers shared feedback from his many encounters, including the relevance of Dollar General stores along his route.
“Dollar General proved to be conveniently located in many of the small towns we rode through while providing timely supplies,” said Bowers. “As I met more riders, many of them agreed. In fact, we produced our Top 10 list of reasons to stop at a Dollar General while riding a bike across America.”
Bowers added that the DG stores became an encouragement to him and his friends with whom he shared the riding experience, and as they produced the list, it allowed them to relive some fond memories. “I did not expect a store to be one of the aspects about my trip that would be the topic of conversation.”
Scott Bowers and TransAmerica Bicyclists’ Top 10 Reasons to Stop at a Dollar General
10. Dollar General semi-drivers respect cyclists while riding.
9. Most stores have the same layout, making shopping efficient.
8. DG sells packaged food perfect for rehydration.
7. The retailer has a broad selection for $1.00.
6. Restrooms.
5. Ice Cream.
4. Cold Gatorade.
3. You can purchase a gallon of water for only $1.00.
2. It’s the first store you see when you roll into a rural American town.
1. It’s [sometimes] the only store you see when you roll into rural America.
This summer Bowers and other cyclists will promote and teach youth cycling fundaments on Cincinnati’s local bicycle trails as part of the Youth Resiliency Adventure. This and other activities raise funds and awareness for the Lord’s Gym Ministries Family Activity Center in the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area. His long-range plan for the youth is to bicycle across the 326-mile Ohio to Erie Bicycle Trail.
To recognize Bowers’ work in serving the youth of his community Dollar General donated a gift card to support the Family Activity Center’s summer and fall cookouts, which aim to build relationships and provide activities for youth.