Atlanta Journal Constitution Features Dietician Behind Better-For-You Recipes at Dollar General

Aug 27, 2020

The interesting path that led to Mary Alice Cain in working alongside Dollar General to create new Better For You recipes is highlighted in a new Atlanta Journal Constitution story by Gracie Bonds Staples.
Having completed her master’s degree in health science from Atlanta’s Georgia State University, Mary Alice took a chance and sent the 30 recipes she created for her graduate work to Dollar General. 

Those recipes, which Mary Alice created to demonstrate the ability to source components of a healthier diet at affordable prices from Dollar General stores, found their way to the Company’s leadership.
As they say, the rest is history.
Since spring 2019, Mary Alice’s guidance as a registered dietician and nutritionist has helped create tasty recipes like Sweet and Sour ChickenSalmon Patties and even sweet treats like Secret Ingredient Brownies.  Find all of Dollar General’s current Better For You recipes here!
Inside each Dollar General store, customers can find components of a healthy diet, which includes dairy items, frozen vegetables, proteins, canned fruits and vegetables, grains and more.  Reflecting the fact Dollar General is invested in the health of our customers, the ongoing work to develop these recipes aims to provide resources to customers on how to source healthier meal options with products solely sourced from our stores.